New cosmetic material has a big market

Among them,New cosmetic material has a big market Articles skin care raw material account for 40%, the conditioner raw materials account for 30%, the oral hygiene products accounted for 10%, raw materials of other cosmetic products (including deodorant to go to odor agent, powder and lipstick, nail polish, etc.) account for 20%. Cosmetic hair care agents possess 30%, surfactant, antimicrobial agents is about 15%, thickeners, UV absorbers, styling each account for 10%, the moisturizers is about 5% and other raw materials accounts for 40%.

Development of new cosmetics must have the backing of new cosmetic ingredients. Therefore, domestic cosmetics manufacturers are sparing no effort to find new cosmetic raw materials. Has developed a new type of cosmetic ingredients listed are about hundreds of species.

The new cosmetics materials extract from natural plant and marine are natural proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, polyphenols and other extracts. Natural extract is widely used in cosmetics, such as to prevent the aging of skin cells, absorbs ultraviolet light, resistance to cold stimulation and to keep the skin delicate and so on. As extracted from the wild mango triglycerides and sterols can be used for skin care cosmetics, rice bran wax extract can prevent the skin cracking, extracted from the fermentation of milk, ‘galactan’ can promote hair growth, it can be used for the preparation of germinal agent.

New multi-functional silicone compounds such products as StylezeW20, sitecRE100, Ceraphyl RMT so that at least 40 kinds. Multifunctional silicone has excellent hair styling, hair and comb smooth and so on. Triple their production in the hair care products like shampoo has broad application prospects.

Hydrolyzed soy protein and hydrolyzed milk protein hydrolysis these two proteins has become widely used in new cosmetics ingredients. Research confirmed that these two chemical stimuli hydrolyzed protein can reduce skin irritation, increased cell viability and prevent fine premature cell aging.

New cosmetic raw materials such as resin polymer resin in conditioner, hair wax and hair spray used more often. The newly developed resin raw materials for cosmetics including: SILSOFT A-553, SILSOFT A-843, SILSOFT A-459 and so on. Be additive in hair cosmetics make hair easy to shape, hair fixed, and easy-to-water volume cleaning.

The sun’s UV radiation is caused by facial hair brown and the main reason for skin aging, ultraviolet radiation, so the development of new raw materials into an international cosmetics industry hot research topic. Germany developed a ‘retinol-15D’, its performance is very stable, this for a variety of skin care cosmetic formulations. ‘UVINUL TiO2’ (bitter by the trimethoxy octyl silane composed of twelve titanium dioxide) can be used for a variety of sunscreen, sunscreen, you can block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin. ‘Z-COTE-HP-1’ a kind of transparent zinc oxide, ultraviolet radiation can be used in cosmetics lotion astaxanthin